Looking To Share Live Stories? Instagram Remains King

Social media Stories have truly come of age during 2017, with an increasing number of rich features that allow your business to create timely, sleek and short productions to engage with customers.

If you’re yet to utilise Stories as part of your social media strategy, there really is no better time than now to start. Users of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are proving especially receptive to the content. But if you’re operating as part of a small team and uncertain if you can spare the time to target separate social media, then ensure that your focus remains on Instagram.

According to recent statistics published by the platform, at least 250 million users are using the app’s Stories platform daily, an increase of 50 million in the last two months alone. Compared to it’s nearing two rivals, it’s blowing the competition away with Snapchat reporting only 166 million daily users for the same period.

To further encourage the growth of the feature, Instagram also recently announced that it has enabled a Stories playback feature. This means that the videos created no longer disappear the moment the stream is over, instead allowing users to save their own live videos, as well as playback videos from contacts for up to 24 hours after they have been posted. This is in line with the strategy of parent company Facebook, who are reaping the benefits of letting people tune into videos created on their platform after the live broadcast has finished. Users can also ‘discard’ Stories they no longer wish to be live if they choose to do so.

Here are some tips when sharing live stories;


Short and sharp 15-25 second unboxings are a great way to get people interested in your products! Just make it look good 😉

INSIDE SCOOP – Let them in on some of the FUN sides of your Day to Day

Who doesn’t love a backstage pass? And if you make it look like you’re having the time of your life (which of course you are), then more people will want to become a part of your brand!


When you’re out to lunch with someone fantastic, do a quick lightning round of questions. Or, get your employees to read out the funny questions you get in email enquiries!



At a conference? Lunch? In the office? Post it! And even better, incorporate your product into the post. Customers want to see your products applied in the real world.

Each platform has great features to embellish your posts – including stickers, filters, text tools and heaps more!

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