Prime Time: Amazon Prime Day Breaks Records

As you know, July 10th was Amazon Prime Day. You had to know because there is no way over $6B worth of sales in one day would go un-noticed unless you’ve locked yourself in a bunker due to all the drones delivering packages lately.

Amazon rarely releases its figures, but they did say on Tuesday that sales ‘grew by over 60% compared to last year’, making it a record-breaking day for retail.

One of the leading contributors to the day’s huge success was tech. More specifically, the ‘Alexa Echo Dot’ which sold over 6k units per minute. Generously discounted at 50% off, the dot, along with Amazon’s other vocal recognition devices flew off the shelves, solidifying their domination over voice-activated technologies.

But let’s not leave out the other guys.

A trend of tech was pretty consistent across the list of highest selling products on the day. A list that includes;


  • 23andMe’s DNA test – I guess there are a lot of people across the United States that want to double check their origins? Whatever the reason, this product rated pretty high up the ladder

  • TP-Link Smart Plug – Across the sea in the UK, the wifi enabled smart plug from TP link flew off the shelves.



Some of the other high sellers across the Amazon world included smartphones, laptops, iPhone lightning cables (obviously), storage devices and other gaming tech.

The data from this record breaking day shows a high demand for tech related products all across the world, with a focus on A.I and ‘smart’ tech.

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