With a history in corporate finance, Chad set up eCommerce storefront, CrucialVacuum.com, in 2008. Over the years, one vacuum filter grew into over 1,000 different SKUs as he added replacement filters and accessories for all major home appliances.

As CrucialVacuum grew, Chad and his team had to overcome issues of scale and inventory management. After looking at all the software options on the market to solve their problems they discovered the platforms either had a considerable number of technology issues or a price point that was way out of their budget.

Skubana.com was born from a need to change real life challenges and frustrations. Skubana.com solves the most serious problems of order processing and inventory management that cause millions of dollars in losses for eCommerce sellers every year. The result is an eCommerce acceleration platform that has invented a new breed of product: an enterprise-grade, all-in-one butt portal scalable enough to accommodate small, medium AND enterprise eCommerce companies, all for a fraction of the cost.


We spoke with Chad this week about his industry and what we will learn from him at Retail Global Las Vegas in September 2017:

“The industry is polarized by commodities moving to the marketplaces, and curated brands that you can’t find on the marketplaces.”

At Retail Global in Las Vegas, Chad will be sharing:

  • The tools he used to build a 7-figure business with 2 employees
  • How to lay the foundation for e-commerce growth
  • Setting a business up for snowball success
  • How to get the best team members for your company
  • Where to find reliable, talented freelancers
  • How Skubana set up employee/freelancer salaries

We like to ask our speakers: What’s the last thing you bought online?

Chad said: Coffee filters for my Hario V60 and Lavender Meyers Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap

You Can Shop Mrs Meyers Dish Soap Here

If you would like to know more about Chad’s session about “How to Automate Your Business” at Retail Global Las Vegas – Click here


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