Is your business successful in the world of eCommerce? You have an eCommerce store and it is humming along nicely, great repeat business, steady traffic – but you are wondering if you can be doing more. How can you improve your customer’s’ online experience?

For online businesses, it is often a challenge to know what you can be doing to improve the experience for your shoppers, ultimately resulting in more sales for you.

For brick-and-mortar business, your staff provides all of the answers and the customer experience.

So, how can you transfer that level of customer attention online?


How are your customers able to get in touch with you currently?

If the answer is the contact us form on your site – sorry – that is not going to cut it in 2017.

People have questions – now. People need answers – now.

If their questions are not answered while they are on your site, they will go looking elsewhere. Google again.

Having a live chat option allows your customer to directly contact your business.

It’s an easy to use interface, and since the introduction of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, most people are very familiar with how to use it. By giving customers the answers to their questions quickly and easily online, you help to build trust during their buyer’s journey, improving your customer relationship as you go.

There are many Apps out there that offer excellent integrations with many eCommerce platforms – Drift and Live Chat are great options to start researching both offering excellent customer service to help make your decision.


Are you currently blogging? When we say blogging, we mean often – not just that one blog you wrote when you launched your store.

Blogging is a fun and easy way to stay connected with your customers. There are few rules with blogging too which makes it easy to sit at the keyboard and put a piece together.

Blogging is an excellent way to answer your customer’s questions, launch a new product, introduce a new team member. Then there is the SEO and keyword win. The more pages of content you have on your site, the greater the chances of you being found.

Whatever you decide to blog about – make it about the customer, how is this blog going to help them?


  1. Make a list – List all the questions you get from your customers and answer them
  2. Video – if you use video in your marketing strategy, embed a video in your blog and write about the video. Using video to enhance your blogs is also an excellent engagement tool for social. Post the video on your social channels
  3. Time – if you are serious about blogging block some time out in your calendar to write – find your happy place and your inner blogger will come bursting through!

Chances are your eCommerce platform already has a blog – so there is little to do to get started.

Once you have your blogs underway – use them to propagate your social media channels.

If you are keen to learn more about content marketing for your online business, take a look at our program, in particular, Brett Tabke’s session – Advanced Content Marketing 2017 


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