Exhibitor Spotlight: Feedvisor

Feedvisor lets you harness the power of machine learning algorithms to make business critical decisions in real time.

It was our pleasure to chat with Michal from Feedvisor earlier this week about the incredible work Feedvisor does with online retailers:

What is the most common piece of advice you give to online retailers?

Things change very quickly on Amazon, so sellers need to rely on real data to help them make the right business decisions. For example, pricing should be directly linked to many factors, including the amount of inventory in stock and the velocity of sales. Knowing the facts will ultimately help sellers grow their businesses.

What’s the one thing online retailers could improve today?

To be a successful Amazon retailer, you have to understand how Amazon works. Since Amazon is a marketplace driven by algorithms that react to constantly changing market conditions, retailers should be using a marketplace algorithm platform that responds to Amazon’s changing market conditions in real time.

What’s upcoming in your specific area of the industry?

Although Amazon is dominating the market, sellers are realizing that it’s important to diversify their eCommerce business by selling on other platforms as well. When doing so, they should make sure they have the ability to track their performance across multiple channels like eBay, Walmart, BigCommerce, and Shopify, so that they can rapidly respond to marketplace fluctuations across all channels.

Feedvisor’s CEO, Victor Rosenman, will also be hosting a breakout session on “Harnessing the Power of AI to Grow Your Amazon Business” on Wednesday,  September 13th, at 2:55 PM. Victor will be exploring the three most crucial AI applications for Amazon sellers: pricing, inventory planning, and assortment management.

Feedvisor is a Silver Exhibitor this year at Retail Global Las Vegas.

Be sure to visit our Exhibitor Hall at Retail Global Las Vegas to meet Michal from Feedvisor and all of our exhibitors. There you will find the latest and greatest technologies and add-on services for online retailers under one roof.

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