6 Reasons To Attend Retail Global Las Vegas

So here’s the scenario. You understand that conferences and events are a great way to build connections, keep on top of the trends, and learn everything you can from the people that have made it, but you’re not sure which conference to attend. Or perhaps you already know about Retail Global and are just looking for a bit of a push before you take the leap and purchase your ticket. Well, here are 6 reasons to attend Retail Global this year so you can sell more online!

1. We have the BEST Speakers. Period.

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a conference ticket, you should be learning from the best of the best. And we pride ourselves on getting the best of the best. You should be learning from C-Level executives as well as successful entrepreneurs and online retailers that have done the hard yards and learned the hard lessons so that you don’t have to. Our team travels all over the world to many different conferences, trade shows, and events so that we can find the guns that are currently crushing it in the Industry. Check out the line-up!

2. VEGAS BABY! Need I say more?

There are definitely a few great things about holding the Retail Global conference in Viva Las Vegas. When you’re not cramming all the information you can, networking till you explode, and getting excited about the success you’ll be seeing over the next 12 months, you will be experiencing everything Las Vegas has to offer. Well, maybe not everything. Here is a list of some of the best most memorable things you can do while you’re in the party city. 2, 6 and 8 are definitely top of my list.

3. Make REAL connections and life-long friends!

There’s a reason why the conference call will never replace face-to-face interaction. You can’t get a vibe for someone over a skype call, everyone has distractions, places to be and deadlines to meet. Every single person at Retail Global is passionate enough about their business to take a few days in Vegas to learn and meet like-minded people. Are you one of them?

4. Your Business is unique, so your solutions should be too!

This year, Retail Global has increased its exhibition size. That’s more than 50 solution providers that are passionate about the eCommerce industry and seeing online retailers succeed. We have every solution covered, from payments and shipping to web development and SEO. If you have any issues in your business, you can bet that there will be an effective and affordable solution at Retail Global 2018!

5. Pre-Conference Workshops

Not only does Retail Global have 6 different content streams with 70+ speakers during the show, but there are also 5 pre-conference workshops that will take you through a deep-dive experience of whatever topic you choose! Want to learn how to grow a solid business on eBay? We’ve got you covered. Looking to level up your Amazon selling game? There’s that too! Email Marketing, SEO, Facebook Advertising… we’ve got it all! Check out all the amazing workshops here. It is definitely one of the best ways to level up your knowledge.

6. The Annual Charity Party (and afterparty)

The Annual Charity Party is a strong highlight of the week with food, drinks, fun, and entertainment. As well as a live auction, with all proceeds going to the Retail Orphan Initiative with provides much-needed assistance to children in countries such as Haiti, South Africa, Zambia, Dominican Republic and many more. Afterwards, let your hair down on the dance floor when we head on to the strip, where the real fun begins. Work hard, play hard, am I right?

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and jump on board! Save $300 by booking today and using this coupon code – RETAILER100

So make sure you get in REAL quick, the clock is ticking.

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