Technology & the Never-Ending Growth of Ecommerce

Technology & the Never-Ending Growth of Ecommerce

As a consumer, technological advances can be great. You have the ability to purchase just about anything you want with a touch of a finger. The expectation is a fast-paced shopping experience and if a consumer is slowed down – we know, they’ll move on to the something or someone faster!

As a retailer, technological advances mean more pressure to produce at a quicker rate. You must be up-to-date on trends in a market that has little to no patience. So, how do you keep up?

By learning how to navigate this new market and adapt to shifting expectations.

I know what you’re thinking, “Right, like it’s that simple.” Well, hold the eye roll because we’ve lined up David Nicholls to help our retailers at Retail Global Las Vegas.

What to Expect at Retail Global Las Vegas

Pulling from his years of experience, David will be speaking about ‘The Best Practices for Expanding to New Markets in a Changing World Landscape’. He will discuss how to take advantage of new audiences – in new markets – and do so, efficiently. David plans to address how innovation is impacting Ecommerce retailers today, as well as what they should plan for tomorrow.

David is a can’t miss speaker! So, pick up your Retail Global Las Vegas tickets today

Who is David Nicholls?

David Nicholls is the Director of Enterprise Development and Ecommerce for OFX, a company whose primary goal is to make international payments easy and seamless for businesses.

OFX has been committed to growing Ecommerce business for online sellers with local currency accounts. We asked our customers what would help them better manage their global revenue and, based on their feedback, responded with a product that efficiently manages every account, balance and transfer from multiple marketplaces, in multiple currencies, simply and easily.”

–  David Nicholls


David is a qualified Financial Market Technical Analyst with a degree in Economics and Corporate Finance. He has more than 15 years of experience in cross-border payments and startup enablement.  He provides simple solutions to allow SMB’s to operate the global stage with the agility of a multinational.

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