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Lori Barzvi: The Drive to Succeed

Meet Lori Barzvi, the creator of the #1 Best Seller on Amazon, My Solemate - the world's first all in one pumice stone and soap combination. While her business is thriving now, Lori wasn’t always a success. In fact, her past business ventures as a restaurant owner and a dance studio owner both failed and left her having to start
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Session

We are known as the MOST expansive and in-depth retailer conference in the United States - which, makes your job of choosing a session a bit daunting!  Don’t worry, we got you COVERED! We’ve broken down our amazing line-up into 4 easy to digest session shortlists. Each list covers some of our industry’s hottest topics AND gives options for answering
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Technology & the Never-Ending Growth of Ecommerce

Technology & the Never-Ending Growth of Ecommerce As a consumer, technological advances can be great. You have the ability to purchase just about anything you want with a touch of a finger. The expectation is a fast-paced shopping experience and if a consumer is slowed down – we know, they’ll move on to the something or someone faster! As a
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