Each year Retail Global holds a Gala Charity Networking event in Australia and the USA to raise money for amazing charities. So far we have raised over $700,000 for charity.

This year we are raising money to assist Retail Orphan Initiative to finish building a hospital in Haiti. Help us in our goal to raise over $200,000 this year to support their selfless work. If you would like to know more about this amazing charity feel free to contact us.

So far we have raised over $650,000 for the following organizations: ( *AUD)

2018   Retail Orphan Initiative   $55,000

2018   Retail Orphan Initiative   $147,385*

2017   Retail Orphan Initiative   $12,500

2017   Retail Orphan Initiative   $87,073.38*

2016   Retail Orphan Initiative  $25,247.00

2016   Reach Foundation  $77,521.00*

2015    Reach Foundation   $52,266.00*

2015  Retail Orphan Initiative  $12,000.00

2014   Reach Foundation   $52,802.00*

2013   Reach Foundation  $68,120.00*

2012    Reach Foundation   $89,250.00*

2011    Reach Foundation  $28,297.80*

2010    Alana and Madeline Foundation   $21,577.00*

2009    Shane Warne Foundation   $ 2,420.00*

For more details visit the Gala Dinner Page.

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