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“We’ve had a lot of positive interactions. We’ve actually had a lot of our existing customers come to us with some good stories and who really happy to see some people from Bigcommerce at this event."

Evan Smtih, BigCommerce

“The benefit of being here with Braintree PayPal, it really helps get our name out there, more exposure. We are growing in the US but from an international perspective people are just starting to see who we are.”

Ryan Jackson, Braintree PayPal

“I think one of the interesting opportunities I’ve uncovered here is that there’s lots of retailers that I’ve met that are only for the first time thinking about selling globally properly. They might have dipped their toe in the water but now they’re looking to do it properly, do it focused and think about how they can actually deliver best practice customer experiences to customers all around the world, not just domestically.”

Carl Hartmann, Temando

“We’ve had lots of discussions in this exhibition including with retailers, eCommerce service providers, payment settlement companies and also logistics companies. So we think because of this exhibition we will know better about our service solutions positioning in this new market.”

Don Zhao, Azoya International

“With all the different sellers and the brands here it’s definitely something you need to be a part of. Any kind of vendor in eCommerce at this stage of the game you have to be at this conference.”

Sean Finnegan, ChannelAdvisor

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