President, Hub Dub Ltd

Eddie Levine is the President and Co-Founder of Hub Dub, Ltd.  Established in 2012 with business partner Greg Gilpin, the company has morphed into a multi-million-dollar eCommerce operation, with worldwide distribution, attracting superior global brands.

With 15+ years of combined eCommerce, IT and logistics experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Eddie has built an expansive and efficient network of more than 30 different sales channels worldwide.  Vendors working with Hub Dub find themselves set apart through Eddie’s capable stewardship of their brand(s) in the form of reputation / IP management, seller enforcement, listing optimization and advertising.

Eddie’s success and ability to comprehend and disseminate the inner workings of the eCommerce industry have made him a leader – travelling the globe for speaking and education events, as well as helping others achieve their own success in this highly competitive field.

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