jason kencevski CEO Speedmaster


CEO, Speedmaster


A millennial innovator, Jason Kencevski officially took over the Speedmaster reins in 2005.
Implementing an online business model from non-existent in 2003 to becoming Australia’s number one online reseller of Automotive car spare parts by 2006.

Strong team work and delivery of innovative products lead to the opening of the US operation in 2006, growing today to over 75,000sqf and 40+ Staff.
Currently, Speedmaster has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and Shanghai with over 400+ staff and reach 35+ countries.

To date we are proud to have many exciting statistics like;
“Speedmaster item is sold every minute”, “Over Five Million products shipped worldwide”, “Six Time SEMA Award Winners” these are just some of the fun facts we like to talk about around the water cooler.

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