Why Attend

Our third show was a huge success. Why DO our attendees choose to come back?

Focused on real 
solutions for retailers
of attendees said they would re-attend

I can honestly say the only reason why we have been so successful in the eCommerce world is because of these events. I usually take 3 things away from each conference and implement them immediately

Alaa Hassan Beyond the Rack

What I get to learn are the new types of strategies that I haven’t yet experienced, that I can continue using for my company and any new marketplaces that we haven’t taken advantage of yet

Corey FronsBulb America
Unparalleled Networking
Networking was identified as the key factor attendees would re-attend

It’s not just the sessions and the panels and the exhibit hall, but it’s also the stories you hear at cocktail and networking events and a lot of things can be learned

Ethan GiffinGroove

What I get out of an event like this is the networking first and education second. When you hear some strategies and tips from other sellers who have done this and been there and they tell you what works and what doesn’t. I love sharing ideas with other sellers

Brandon DupskyeCommerce Money for Nothing
Content Is King
Of attendees rate the quality of content
excellent to very good

The straight talk. There was not a lot of sugar coating of things and information hidden behind politically correct language. Appreciated that

Greg BuzekIHL Group

The keynote speakers, they’ve been spectacular. Very inspiring!

Jody Rogers Shopbeachcombers
Access to 100+ local and
global industry experts
Of speakers in 2017 rated good – excellent

The speakers were powerful and memorable and a great inspiration to me and my business

Susan BeharShop 63

Meeting the presenters that have a great wealth of information about personalization and UXUI, as well as, SEO and SEM. There’s always new and inventive ways to position yourself in the global marketplace and they’re the leaders and they’re able to give some great insights

Mike ReichnmanShop.com
Retailers from over 23 countries were represented at the 2017 event

The most important thing is to attend as many sessions as you can and learn everything you can cause all the speakers are world class, leading experts in what they know and they’re sharing information with people and if you take the information and act on it you’ll succeed with it

Jim BanksCheapflights.com

I enjoy being around the people that understand our business cos a lot of us are in that environment where we’re just in our own team and we don’t get a whole lot of interaction with other people in our industry and when you’re here it’s not just the people on stage that are bringing the value it’s the people that you’re having lunch with, having coffee with and meeting. Those are just invaluable

John Lawson ColderICE
Targeted and approachable
Of attendees said they would be looking to do
business with exhibitors they met at the event

I had the time to speak to every single speaker one on one, and learned several things that will definitely benefit my business. I think I found some good companies and people that we can partner with to help in several areas of my business

Matthew Van HoomissenAhha Products LLC

I’d highly recommend to any commercial professional to attend this conference. The conference itself is quite small but it allows you to really engage with exhibitors and also prospective customers or sellers that come here. That allows you to build a better rapport with the people you’re speaking to

Sam Goodman Linnworks
Access to hundreds of
online merchants
Of attendees in 2017 were online merchants

It’s really important to meet with your merchants face-to-face, you can get a beating pulse from where they’re coming from. It really helps strengthen those relationships with them

Ryan Jackson Braintree_Paypal

With all the different sellers and the brands here it’s definitely something you need to be a part of. Any kind of vendor in eCommerce at this stage of the game you have to be at this conference

Sean Finnegan ChannelAdvisor
Affordable, relevant 
and good value
Retail Global tickets are still priced over
50% cheaper than our competitors

Great time, great information, well worth it!

Chris Chapman Loucon LLC

Absolutely fantastic conference! We will be back next year!

Angelina LalauGroomersPro